Data Policies

Family Echo - Privacy and Download Policies

Family Echo understands the importance and value of your personal information.

Family Echo has two strict data policies. The Privacy Policy clearly limits our use of your information. The Download Policy ensures your family information can be easily exported and archived on your own computer.

Privacy Policy

  1. Respect. Family Echo will only show your information to invited family members. Invitations may be sent by the family founder or someone previously invited. Please note: Invited members of your family may download your information and use it as they choose.
  2. No spam. Family Echo will not send you spam. We will not sell your information or share it with third party marketers or spammers. We may email you occasional service notifications relating to your account.
  3. Choice. We respect your right to choose how much information to enter into Family Echo and to omit personal details such as telephone numbers, emails and addresses. We aim to make Family Echo as functional as possible, no matter how much or how little information you choose to enter.

Download Policy

  1. Independence. A primary goal of Family Echo is to help you pass on your family information to future generations. We make it easy for you to store this information independently of
  2. Ease of use. Family Echo makes it easy for you to store and read your family information on your own computer by downloading standard formats such as Plain Text and HTML.
  3. Integration. Family Echo makes it easy for you to import your family information into other software by exporting computer-readable formats such as CSV, GEDCOM and FamilyScript.

In short, Family Echo aims to give you and your family maximum possible control.

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